We offer a Vaccine Clinic everyday we are open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Our vaccine prices are less than what most petstore vaccine clinics charge for the vaccines.

You also have the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is being vaccinated with only the safest and highest quality vaccines available. We do not choose vaccines based on price, but on efficacy and safety data that we review regularly. We will only recommend the minimum number of vaccines needed for your pet based on his or her lifestyle and potential exposure levels. Many vaccine clinics are only interested in selling you more vaccines for a larger price, even if your pet doesn’t need them. We are opposed to the overvaccination of pets. We will be happy to discuss a reasonable core vaccine protocol for your pet. In addition, we also offer in hospital annual vaccine titer testing to see if your pet still has a good immunity or needs booster vaccines.

If your pet has been seen by us within the last year for an examination, then they can come in for our vaccination clinic.

If your pet is not current on physical exam, then we can schedule an appointment for the veterinarian to examine your pet and then administer the vaccines ( or perform vaccine titers as indicated) at that time.

We strongly encourage annual examination for every pet under ten years of age. After ten years of age, semiannual exams every 6 months are recommended. Pets age an average of seven years for every one year of our life.

Can you imagine only be examined by your doctors once every seven years?

It is important for the veterinarian to examine your pet when you think everything is going well and there are no health concerns. That way the veterinarian can get a baseline of how your pet feels, sounds and acts when they are feeling normal. Furthermore, the veterinarian will sometimes discover underlying medical problems during these visits that were undetected by the client. Pets are genetically programmed not to show signs of illness – or at least not to show them until it is so bad they can not hide it anymore. By discovering problems early, we can help to keep your pet healthy and happy for many years.