We have Cat Condos and Townhomes available for single cat or multiple cats depending on how much room your furry friends need.  Condos can be interconnected either vertically or side by side through porthole doors etc.

  • Single condo with window view=      $14 /night
  • Duplex for one cat =                         $20 /night
  • Duplex for two cats =                        $25 /night
  • Triplex for one cat =                          $30/night
  • Triplex for two cats =                        $30/night
  • Triplex for three cats =                     $36/night
  • Townhouse ( 4 condos connected) = $50.00 per night


  • Daily Brush-out REQUIRED FOR LONG HAIR CATS $ 2.00 per day
  • Cat TLC play package $ 5.00 per day
    • interactive daily playtime in a separate room with a two legged friend
    • including brushing or petting/massage, depending on cat’s nature
    • Pedicure
    • Kitty treats!
  • Daily medication given only $ 4.00 per day
  • Diabetic Package

Additional Services

  • Dental Cleaning Package      $199.00   + Preop bloodwork at $66.26
  • Ear Cleaning                          $ 47.15
  • Doctor’s Exam                       $ 54.00
  • Pedicure (Nail Trim)               $ 19.06
  • Bath – available on day of checkout unless otherwise requested  $30 -35
  • Lion Cut or Full Body Shave –  ask for prices.


All cats must be current on vaccinations or vaccine titer testing in last year.  ( We offer Vaccine clinics EVERY DAY we are open).

  • FVRCP in last year
  • FeLV vaccine or titer in last year
  • Rabies in last 1-3 years depending on age.

All pets must be flea free and parasite free ( both internal and external).   If fleas or other parasites are found during their stay, they will be treated accordingly and the client will be financially responsible for the cost of treatment.

All cats are fed Science Diet Adult formula, Kitten formula or Senior Blend food.  If you would like to have us feed your won food at home, then the food will beed to placed into ziplocked bags ( one bag for each day of boarding with the right amount inside) in order to avoid an additional charge for food storage and handling.