Feels Like Home….

Luxury Pet Suites and Cat Condos

We have 16 custom designed dog suites, each individually decorated to give your pet the feeling of home. There are no cages or bars to make you pet apprehensive or remind them of shelter life.  Each suite has see through glass doors with no bars to scare your pet.

Each suite has faux granite walls, ceramic tile floors, a soft comfy bed and is theme decorated. We have several larger VIP suites for our Very Important Pets or multiple pets.

Comfortable Beds

We have oversized beds available for all our guests to use while staying with us.  The beds are specially made so that they can be washed daily as needed.   You are welcome to bring your own bedding but we recommend using our bedding and maybe just bringing a blankie or tshirt with your smell on it instead.  Pets often knock over water dishes when excited in their rooms and we may have to wash the bedding multiple times.  Because of the colume of laundry we do every day, we can not guarantee that your bed will be clean and dry by the time you come to pick up your pet.  Instead, let us use our bedding for your pet and save their favorite bed for home.

Smells like home….

People always comment how we do not have that “Kennel Smell”. That is because there are no drains in the rooms to gather odors. We hand walk each pet 2-3 times per day so that they can eliminate outside. If they have an accident, our trained Pet Care Assistants are immediately available to provide cleaning services. We use special disinfectants, safe for pets and able to prevent diseases.

Pet Pals at my bark and call….

Your Companion will benefit from the highest staff to pet ratio of any boarding facility in San Diego! With only 16 rooms and 3-5 staff members on site at any one time, we average 1 kennel Pet Care Assistant to every 4 pets when fully booked!

Veterinary Supervised Boarding

In addition we have 5 trained Veterinary Nurses on site every day and 1-2 receptionists with 2 doctors on duty! With 2 doctors on duty, 2 receptionists, 5 nurses plus 4 boarding Pet Care Assistants some days we out number the pets!

Our staff are trained to help spot early signs of illness or medical problems.  They notify the veterinarians on duty so that any needed care or treatment can be prescribed without the need to transport your pet to another facility.  Our experienced staff will take good care of your pet and do everything possible to minimize stress and possible illness.

Room Service

We provide twice daily room service to all our guests.   Large breed deep chested pets however are fed only once a day in the morning to prevent Bloat, or GDV.  Our “House Special” diet is Science Diet Blend food but if you have a special food that your pet is on, we can feed any diet you provide at no additional cost.  The only food we can not feed is a raw diet due the health risks associated with uncooked meats and potential zoonotic disease introduction into our facility and play areas.

If you are bringing your own diet, please place each days meal in a single individual ziplock bag.  If your pet is to be with us for ten days, then bring ten ziplock bags to place in their personal locker or bin.   Due to County Health restictions, we are unable to store open bags of food and we do not have the room to store multiple plastic containers of food from your home.

Daily Activities

We provide every pet with a daily exercise program.  We have a large enclosed yard with grass, kiddy pool and sandy area.   Each pet is walked at least twice daily.  Additional walks and playtimes, both individual and with groups, are available in our upgraded TLC packages.