House calls are available in special situations by appointment only for our valued clients and patients.

The Doctors and nurses can come to the comfort of your home to perform everything from routine exams and vaccines, to blood pressure measurements, and some sample collection for testing. In some circumstances, and especially for ill pets, it is often better to examine the pet in the hospital setting so that immediate testing or treatments can be performed. If your pet is particularly nervous or anxious about coming ot the hospital, then please call ahead to the hospital and we can often prescibe a sedative for your pet to help take the edge off on the day of their trip to our hospital.

Shadowridge veterinary Hospital offers in home euthanasia servies to our clients as well. In some circumstances where we know the time is coming soon for a pet, special arrangements can be made to come to your home adn euthanize your pet in the comfort of your own home. In emergency situations, it is often not possible to get to your house in a timely manner. In these cases, we will have you bring your pet to us and we will arrange for you to be with your pet while we peacefully put them to sleep. You and your pet can visit in quiet rooms with couches or teak benches, or you may choose to sit with your pet outside on our lawn on a blanket during the euthanasia.

Please contact our office to arrange for a house call in the local areas of Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, Ocean Hills, San Elijo Hills, Discovery Hills, parts of Escondido, etc.

Vista Location: (760) 727-7900

San Marcos Location: (760) 744-5242