• Pet Suite – Cage Free, individual suite with standard care package   $40.00
  • VIP Pet Suite (Very Important Pet)- larger suite with TLC package     $45.00
  • Presidential Pet Suite – our largest suite with deluxe care package   $50.00

Second pet in same suite 10% discount

Thanksgiving &  Christmas Holiday $5 PER NIGHT ADDITIONAL FEE.


Available upgrades:

  • TLC Deluxe Package- canine $ 5.00 per day
    • Includes Daily Medications
    • Includes Extra Mid-Day Walk with off leash playtime with our pet care specialists
    • Special Feeding requests accommodated
    • Bedtime Snack left on pillow
  • TLC Puppy Package- canine $ 6.00 per day
    • Required for pets under 6 months of age
    • Includes Two extra Walks per day and playtimes
    • Includes Housetraining to reinforce potty training at home
    • Includes extra cleanings as needed
    • Includes puppy socialization with one of our pet care specialists
    • Includes reinforning sit command and leash commands while on leash
    • Includes puppy Diet with extra feedings as needed
  • TLC Senior Package- canine $ 6.00 per day
    • Includes extra Mid-day walk
    • Includes individual massage time every afternoon with personal caretaker
    • Includes special bedding for orhtopedic comfort
    • Includes special handling to help getting around as needed
    • Includes senior pet food
  • Group Playtime-          $5.00/ per play session
    • Behavioral assessment required prior to participation
    • Playgroup composed of age and size appropriate Buddies
    • Play times are always closely supervised by one to two staff memebrs to assure safety
    • Intact or unneutered pets are not eligible for Group Playtimes
  • Daily medicationgiven only $ 4.00 per day
    • TLC packages include Daily Medications at no charge.
    • If only oral medications are needed without TLC purchase, then check this item
    • Note: Diabetic Packages with Insulin administration is a separate charge
    • All medications need to be in thier original containers and labeled
  • Extra walk     $ 3.00 per day
    • walk only, no TLC package plan.

Veterinary Services:

  • Physical Exam
    • required yearly by one of our on site doctors
  • Vaccinations & parasites. Please note – we offer a vaccine clinic every day we are open.
    • All Cats and Dogs are required to have current rabies vaccine.
    • All Dogs are required to have DHLPP within last year ( or corresponding Vaccine titer in last year) and Bordatella within last six months.
    • All cats are required to have FVRCP within last year and FELV or FELV test within last year.
    • Vaccines will be given at checkin if proof of vaccination is not provided at time of admission.  Clients will responsible for payment for cost of vaccines.
    • All pets must be free of external (fleas) and internal parasites (worms).  If parasites are noted during their stay, the pet will be treated with the appropriate medication and the client will be financially responsible for the cost of the treatment.
  • Dental Cleaning Package $ 199 + pre-op blood work (approx. $66)
    • Have your pets teeth cleaned while they stay with us
  • Pedicure (Nail Trim) $ 19.06
  • Heartworm Test